A firewall for fraudulent CCPA requests

Let us filter out the bad CCPA* requests so that you only spend time on the real ones

* California Consumer Privacy Act
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Streamline your compliance checklist

Ensure plenty of time to respond before the deadline

Verification of all requestors’ identities


Your CCPA checklist – completed

CCPA compliance requires checking a lot of boxes. Below are the specific requirements and how we address each one for you:
We offer translation for 2 languages (coming soon).
Accessibility options are built-in.
All required descriptions, forms, instructions, proof considerations and links are provided.
We accept requests via webform and physical mail. They can even call us if they need support.
No problem.
Of course.
This countdown only begins after we have validated the request – saving you time.
Our service provides you the maximum amount of time to handle this (more notification features coming soon).
We will review the written permission and reject if invalid.
We will deny with discretion and handle communication with the requestor.